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Basic Teaching Certificate

Asian College of Teachers - Basic Teaching Certificate

The role of 21st century teachers is evolving everyday with technological revolution seeping into all spheres of life including education. Tremendous amount of importance is being given to early childhood education across the globe. Therefore, the field of early childhood education has changed dramatically as educating tiny tots has brought in a bunch of challenges in today's classrooms along with the rewards. Today's early childhood teachers are expected to adapt to their surroundings and foster a unique learning environment that has a positive impact on the child's all round development.

Demand for skilled early childhood teachers

The emphasis on early childhood education has given rise to the demand of skilled nursery or Montessori teachers. The teachers provide the foundation for the future learning and their natural expression before they get ready for school. Early childhood educators need to be creative and adaptable as they are required to design and implement developmentally appropriate activities for the young learners. Teaching young learners can be a challenging job and it is the teacher's responsibility to facilitate learning for them. The young learners need to be stimulated, challenged and supported in a positive and child friendly learning environment. Pre primary education has become child centric and the preschool teachers should not only provide a positive learning environment but constantly need to supervise the development of a child.

Basic teaching certificate is a valuable credential

Quality nursery and Montessori schools prefer certified teachers who have undergone professional training in early childhood education by taking courses like diploma in nursery teacher training and diploma in Montessori teacher training. A basic teaching certificate is gradually becoming compulsory for any teaching aspirant. The teacher training courses like diploma in early childhood education and diploma in primary/elementary teacher training provide the aspiring teachers with a thorough understanding and knowledge of early childhood education equipping them with the skills to plan an appropriate lesson and maintain an environment that provides safety and well being of young learners. A basic teaching certificate is an important tool when it comes to applying for teaching jobs as it not only helps to procure a job but it matters a lot when a teacher is considered for a higher position. A basic teaching certificate is a valuable credential for any teaching aspirant lending a professional touch to one's CV.

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