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21st August 2017

Music used as a therapy in Inclusive Classrooms

We all know that music plays quite an important role in everybodys life, be an adult or a child and now it has become an integral part of special education. Hence it does not come as a surprise when music is used as therapy in todays modern day inclusive classrooms. Inclusive classrooms comprising of children with varied intellect and learning capabilities are seen to benefit from new and innovative teaching and learning styles. Effective integration of music creates a great learning environment for preschool children with speech and language delays. Using music as a learning tool has proven to be extremely beneficial as it appeals to the children and engages and stimulates them at various stages. It is now being used more frequently by schools accommodating learners of different learning abilities and strengths.

11th August 2017

Moment of pride for ACT as it launches its Delhi center

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is expanding its presence in Asia to provide quality teachers training to all teaching aspirants on a national as well as international level. ACT, a multiple award winning teacher education institution, is proud to announce the opening of its new center in the capital of India which is solely dedicated to providing access to the world-class teacher training courses and services in the arena of TEFL, Pre and Primary, Education Management, Special Education to both aspiring and working teachers and for those associated with the education industry. The new center is conveniently located at C7/105, Sector 7, Rohini in Delhi and provides the best learning environment and resources required to train the aspirants with courses and workshops in TEFL, Learning & Development, International Teaching Diploma and others.

1st August 2017

Create and Color an environment conducive to learning in a classroom

Each and every Early Childhood classroom has a teacher who is seen but not much heard of. This teacher touches its students in a simple manner and has a positive influence on them. The teacher referred to is the brightly painted wall and decorative furniture in a preschool environment that enhances creativity, free thinking along with physical and emotional safety. The artistically designed preschool classroom wall and furniture promotes growth in children, arouses attention in young minds and challenges brain development. It should not be overdone as overdoing the walls may lead to distraction. Bright and inviting furniture and decorations play a positive part in the engagement and levels of learning in students and stimulate participation.

25th July 2017

Eye Contact can play a big role in a classroom environment

Little things often play a big role in our day to day life, which sometimes go unnoticed. In a classroom environment, non-verbal communication plays a big role in fostering discipline or adding expressions while teaching. In both the cases, the look acts as a powerful tool for both the teacher and the student and adds a lot when it comes to the performances of the students. A teacher’s look may mean differently in different situations. It may range from certain expressions related to teaching to even a warning for disruptive behavior. The teachers have also realized its importance and have accepted eye contact to be an important component to enhance learning and improve connection with students. Studies also prove that eye contact is a powerful way to communicate and longer eye contact helps to build confidence and encourage participation in group communication. Click Here

15th July 2017

Importance of Special Education in the lives of Children with Learning Disabilities

Education in the lives of special needs children is absolutely essential as Special Education identifies each child’s individual needs and caters to those needs. It helps the students to develop their personality and potentials in a way that best fits their learning process making them self-sufficient and independent. The parents’ involvement in the learning process also helps the child in his/her progress so that they practice the same techniques to have a fostering and learning atmosphere at their homes as well.

Special Education aims at developing skills and abilities of the special children to aid them to lead an active daily life with fewer hurdles. It is an effort to bring them to mainstream society where they will be able to progress and keep up with their peers without being dependent on others. To simply put, special education has become a quintessential part in the life of a child with learning disabilities.

7th July 2017

Asian College of Teachers launches its Mumbai Center

One more Proud Moment for multiple awards winning Asian College of Teachers as it launches another center in the commercial capital of India this month with an aim to provide easy access to all ACT courses and services for prospective educators based in the western part of India. The newly launched center located at Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Mumbai will provide physical support and resources to create learning opportunities for both aspiring and working teachers and trainers in pursuit of courses like TEFL, International Teaching Diploma, Learning & Development, Pre and Primary, Montessori, Nursery, ECCE, Education Management and allied programs. ACT through its best efforts is trying to build a brighter future for all teaching/training professionals as it is always committed to developing future teachers preparing for a global teaching/training career.


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