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21st September 2017

Does reading disability mean your child is Dyslexic?

Is your child experiencing difficulty in reading for some time now? The reason is that he/she may be suffering from Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition which is known to affect the reading abilities of the children. Though every child with reading disorders is not dyslexic, those affected with this disorder experiences trouble with their abilities to spell, write or even speak. This disability is most common with children between grades 3 to 5. Dyslexic children will not outgrow this disability in the near future, however involving them in various physical activities, both at home and in school, which aims at refining their emotional and intellectual development, interaction and motor skills along with providing them with love, care and pamper, will enable them to succeed in school as well as later on in their life. Click Here

10th September 2017

Autism Spectrum slowly becoming a common disability in children across the globe

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a serious developmental disability that affects children and usually persists throughout lifetime. There is no specific indication of ASD with behavioural symptoms varying from learning disabilities, poor motor skills to various mental problems, and that too with varying degrees. However, it can all be kept under control by early diagnosis and treatment. It has been recently found in a study that the cases of autism have seen a rise, both in boys as well as in girls. Proper care and attention at home and as well as in schools will certainly help the autistic children lead an active life like regular children and be a part of the mainstream society. Teachers dealing with autistic children need to be firm yet gentle and should be aware of the right techniques as the children might need that extra support within the context of their classroom and school.

31st August 2017

ACT ranked second among the top 10 promising digital learning portals in India

Asian College of Teachers has bagged the prestigious 2nd position among the top 10 promising digital learning portals in India as per the Higher Education India magazine and deserves the accolades of being an outstanding training organization. ACT is offering academic excellence in teacher education and has been a forerunner when it comes to preparing global educators and creating future leaders in the field of education offering tailor made courses which are carefully designed and developed keeping in mind the various requirements of an aspiring teacher as well as working and experienced teachers looking for an upgradation.

31st August 2017

ACT effectively integrates ICT into its course design

Asian College of Teachers makes it a point to ensure that their courses are available worldwide and provides quality materials for the same. It provides essential support for the potential candidates who can learn about the courses instantly from any part of the world. As an institute that is committed to making an outstanding journey for the learners, ACT provides an actively engaging experience throughout by integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into its course design. ACT is working towards making their courses accessible and affordable to everyone across the world which the learners can pursue at their convenience and chase their dream career.

29th August 2017

An erudite association to create and share new wisdom

His leadership has always made a difference and his skills and expertise yield maximum impact on all those who are associated with him.

Dr Sanjib Chakraborty has been an educational leader adept at institutional management who harbors a strong passion for learning which delivers real results. His leadership has always been connected with learning and he has been constantly striving to create relevant learning frameworks for future trainers and educators.

His consistent endeavors have been to promote and participate in professional development and this social engagement gets another boost with his association with the esteemed ADTEL as he has been made a life-time member of Association for Development of Teaching, Education and Learning (ADTEL) - a community of passionate researchers, practitioners and educationists for the development and spread of ideas in the field of teaching and learning.

Dr Chakraborty is elated and excited to be a part of ADTEL and extends his heartfelt thanks to Global Research and Development Services (GRDS) for this opportunity to collaborate with scholars, researchers and professionals on a global platform providing inspiration and making significant contribution through academic networking, meetings, conferences, workshops, projects, research publications etc.

He has always been an ardent facilitator and an avid traveler who has been to more than 35 countries creating engaging learning experiences. He continues to draw on his skills as an instructional designer and learning and development adviser helping participants to fully engage in their role and career and in his words, I am looking forward to this great opportunity and association which will surely yield positive results into areas of learning and training.

21st August 2017

Music used as a therapy in Inclusive Classrooms

We all know that music plays quite an important role in everybodys life, be an adult or a child and now it has become an integral part of special education. Hence it does not come as a surprise when music is used as therapy in todays modern day inclusive classrooms. Inclusive classrooms comprising of children with varied intellect and learning capabilities are seen to benefit from new and innovative teaching and learning styles. Effective integration of music creates a great learning environment for preschool children with speech and language delays. Using music as a learning tool has proven to be extremely beneficial as it appeals to the children and engages and stimulates them at various stages. It is now being used more frequently by schools accommodating learners of different learning abilities and strengths.


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