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Nursery Teacher Training

Asian College of Teachers - Nursery Teacher Training

The early years of a child's life are a crucial period as he/she learns at a rapid pace during this phase and are always curious to gather new information. The tiny brains absorb a lot during this time and they need a high quality nursery school to continue with their learning and development. Nursery education has been constantly evolving in the 21st century and is considered a vital step in laying the foundation for all the future learning of a child. It encourages the healthy development of a child and this is being emphasized by the educators all over the world.

Nursery teachers play a significant role

Teaching young children is considered a challenging and functional area and the focus is on learning through play by providing an interactive learning environment. A nursery school teacher plays a significant role in preparing children aged below 5 years for primary school by caring and nurturing the young learners. It is her responsibility to facilitate learning and development through storytelling, play and games. A nursery teacher helps in the smooth transition between home and nursery school by providing love and care and at the same time maintaining the natural rhythm of the young children. To become a nursery teacher one has to be sensitive to a child's needs and cultivate patience. She must possess a pleasing personality and her manners have to be child friendly.

Nursery teachers need comprehensive training

Teaching in a nursery school requires a teacher to apply innovative techniques to keep the curious, restless minds engaged and a lot of dedication and perseverance are needed to deal effectively with a bunch of young kids. To learn to handle things smoothly and to show enthusiasm with the kids by establishing a loving and warm atmosphere, a nursery teacher needs to undergo comprehensive teacher training courses like diploma in nursery teacher training, diploma in early childhood education or diploma in early childhood care and education to incorporate the innovative methods of teaching children.

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