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Teaching Jobs in India

Asian College of Teachers - Teaching Jobs in India

Early childhood education is gradually becoming a specialized field bringing with it its own set of challenges and rewards. The formative years in a child's life are crucial and a preschool teacher makes a lot of difference in the lives of the little ones because a child's preschool experience is his or her experience into the world of education. Every day brings delight as well as challenges in a preschool teacher's life. They have to put a great deal of emphasis on each learner's individual needs and interests. Preparing the learners for future will require a lot of commitment, care and creativity on the part of an early education teacher. Keeping the children motivated and engaged in various fun activities requires loads of patience as well as stamina. The preschool teacher must have the drive to plan lessons accordingly to attract the children's attention and be a good communicator who can inspire children with a love of learning.

No dearth of jobs for trained teachers

In order to be a successful preschool teacher one must be well versed with the basic theories of early childhood development. Taking courses like diploma in early childhood education and diploma in Montessori teacher training will immensely help the aspiring teachers and shape them into proficient preschool teachers. With the popularity of early childhood education soaring, the number of nursery and kindergarten schools has grown in leaps and bound in India making way for a number of preschool teaching job openings in every nook and corner of the country. Efficient and certified pre primary teachers are gradually becoming an essential component of preschool education.

There is no dearth of pre primary teaching jobs in nursery or Montessori schools in India where trained teachers are being recruited on a regular basis. One can start as an assistant teacher and can move up to the post of principal or director of a preschool after years of teaching experience. Those who have completed professional training in early childhood education or pre primary education like diploma in nursery teacher training or a diploma in early childhood care and education can expect better nursery teaching opportunities. Untrained assistant teachers can also enroll in a course like diploma in primary/elementary teacher training course to acquire additional knowledge and skills expecting quick career progression. Teaching jobs are advertised in newspapers and job portals and therefore, those interested in applying need to follow these on a regular basis. The aspirants can also opt for direct application by visiting local schools and dropping their CVs.

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