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Teaching Career and Opportunities

Teaching Career and Opportunities

Teaching is and has always been a highly respected profession and of late, a career in pre primary teaching has become greatly desirable. A lot of importance is being placed on early childhood education and it has turned out to be a vital area of study for the aspiring nursery or kindergarten teachers. The 21st century early childhood learning environment is constantly evolving bringing with it many changes for the teaching aspirants as well. Today's pre primary teachers need to be equipped with a variety of skills so that they can help to nurture and develop a child's wide variety of skills like speaking, reading, writing, motor and social skills. This would require the current as well as future pre primary teachers to be thoroughly prepared so that they can support the development and learning of the young learners.

A Montessori/nursery/kindergarten teacher needs to be creative and flexible and focus on optimum child development. They need to design various activities through storytelling sessions, interesting games and involving play which are child oriented. In order to do so the teachers have to be fully trained in skills and competencies required to teach young learners. Teaching young learners can be a challenging job but to make it a rewarding experience the teachers need adequate preschool teacher training and obtain an appropriate certificate which will widen employment opportunities. Asian College of Teachers' International Teaching Diploma with Specialization in Pre and Primary, Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training endows the trainees with the skills and abilities to facilitate smooth learning for young learners.

There has been a considerable demand for preschool teachers across the globe and loads of jobs are opening up for certified teachers. Employment opportunities are ample in childhood education and care services for trainees of ACT who have successfully completed any of the teaching courses. The future teaching professionals planning to make a career in Pre and primary education sector will get many other options other than teaching and can work as early childhood curriculum/instruction material developer, course coordinator, preschool supervisor, Montessori manager and consultant associated with preschool. Preschool teachers with years of experience can be promoted as principal or director of a nursery/preschool. Self employment opportunities are there for those who are planning to open a preschool. A trained teaching professional can also opt for home tuition as well especially after completing primary/elementary teacher training.

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