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Upgrade your School teachers

Upgrade your School teachers

Pre-primary education which is being considered as a stepping stone to the world of education has a significant impact on a child's lifelong learning. Pre and primary education is being constantly given a strong boost all over the world as early childhood learning plays an important role in the overall development of the child. But preschool education will not be beneficial if the children do not get the guidance of adequately trained teachers. Constant emphasis given on early childhood learning has led to the growth of new age preschools everywhere which in turn has upped the demand for certified pre primary teachers. Nursery, kindergarten and Montessori schools are constantly on the lookout for appropriately trained teachers when the recruitment takes place. Even the existing teaching staffs are expected to be equipped with the latest techniques and approaches to make a difference in the lives of the little ones because a child's preschool experience is his or her experience into the world of schooling. 21st century preschool learning is constantly evolving and the new age pre and primary schools have become aware of the continuous changes and have felt the need to upgrade their teachers by encouraging them to join teaching courses or be part of workshops to update their teaching methods and enrich their educational experience.

Asian College of Teachers, a globally reputed international teacher training organization offers International Teaching Diploma with Specialization in Pre and Primary, Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training (ITD) course to meet the individual needs of aspiring as well as experienced pre-primary teachers. The courses have been designed taking into consideration the role of pre primary teachers undergoing considerable change. A successful preschool teacher should have the commitment to care and nurture sensitive souls and identify the potential in them and to do so the preschool teacher needs to be creative and be passionate about the job. In order to foster proper learning and all round development the preschool teacher needs to be engaged in an appropriate course which will help them learn the skills and focus on the exact requirement.

Asian College of Teachers provides pre primary teachers training programs for existing teachers in your school to upgrade and update them of the latest in the teaching industry. We make teachers training accessible to all by offering:-

  • tailor made courses for individual teachers chosen by the respective school
  • package courses from different modules of any of the courses to meet specific needs
  • group training in online or distance mode
  • workshops for teachers in respective schools

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